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New LA Middle School


The aim of New Los Angeles Charter School (New LA) is to cultivate future civic leaders through rigorous project-based learning and hands-on commitment to social justice, teaching students skills that will enable them to thrive and ensure advanced academic success. The school nurtures and trains students who understand how to work together to solve problems, changing their own lives as they change the community around them. Located in Mid-City Los Angeles, the heart of a diverse city, New LA serves 300 students in grades 6-8. With small classes, a diverse student body, and attentive teachers, New LA is a nurturing standards-based school. New LA has a rigorous standards-based curriculum, fosters respect for human life, and provides relevant life experiences. The culture of the school creates a shared sense of mission, one that reinforces in our students a love of learning, a commitment to social action, and a deep respect for others. Contact?

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